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I've never been more intimidated when starting a new game than I have with GW2. I feel like I can't ask anyone questions or advice.

Hey! Luridel.5728 - feel free to message me (in game or as asks on tumblr) if you’ve got questions about the game.

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Edge of the Mists.

Edge of the Mists.

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gold commission for eirstegalkin, of her cutie priory bab Harper Dwight! she’s adorable and she was so fun to draw~
commission info

look at this adorable.


gold commission for eirstegalkin, of her cutie priory bab Harper Dwight! she’s adorable and she was so fun to draw~

commission info

look at this adorable.

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HI GUYS!!! im katie and im video game broke. so ive decided to open up!! GOLD COMMISSIONS!!! (children cheering) (this is my first time doing this also im kinda sweaty but bear with me here okay *picks up note cards and clears throat awkwardly*)

prices are listed above but i’ll give a rundown a second time, here:

Linearts (all a little sketchy in nature) go between:

  • Headshots for 5 gold
  • Torso/Waist up thing 8 to 10 gold depending on how complex
  • Fullbody 10 to 15 gold depending on how complex
  • Additional characters will be between 3 and 5 gold.

Color prices are added on top of the lineart price! if you just want the lineart its no extra anything just lineart price.

  • black/white color is 5 to 10 gold depending on how complex (honestly i’d prly usually do it 5 but that fullbody was a bit complex so yeah thats. yeah.)
  • simple color (flat/simple shade) is 10 gold
  • full color (a little more painty) is 20+ gold depending on how complex

okay?? okay!! im willing to negotiate on pretty much any and all prices honestly i’ll work with you if you work with me!! 

payments i would like to have received up front, or we can work something out depending :D 

heres also a list of stuff to note

  • i’ll do simple backgrounds for the most part, or you can specify what you’d like
  • tell me a lil abt ur babies (partly bc it’ll help me draw them better, partly because i love hearing about peoples babies)
  • references obviously show me your beautiful babies so i can capture their essences


  • no hardcore nsfw i might can throw in a butt or a boob but dont look for any dongers or otherwise okay. no creepy stuff either
  • i have never drawn a charr but im willing to try if youre willing to try
  • these are just simple things im laying out, if you start looking for scenes of complexity and things like that we’ll have to work something out.
  • i have the right to refuse a commission for any reason! no hard feelings just covering my own ass with this one
  • i think thats it

contact stuff!

feel free to initially contact me through tumblr (my main is murellows my artblog is cypressinn) or gw2 (cypress.9063), but i would prefer if you emailed me so we can have a log of conversation to reference (also it’ll just help keep me less frazzled @_@). my email is kescott795@gmail.com

you can see more of my art at my artblog (here and here on there for some Stuff) and my doodle tag on my main blog is here


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I’m always amazed by the turnout to organized RP events. Attended a Ministry open session and wanted to just run around screenshotting everyone. Rue was stuck in her corner, though.

Can we just take a moment to admire Delphine Saville (bottom left) and her pretty colors?

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Estel - Which does your character value more: loyalty or morality?

Loyalty. She has her own personal code of ethics, which is actually extremely flexible most of the time. She can forgive quite a lot. For the most part, she judges people by their actions in the present, not by their pasts.

Estel herself is particularly trusting, maybe a bit too much so, but I think what keeps her safe is that she’s a character who inspires loyalty from a lot of people. She has a lot of blind faith in her friends, several of which are not actually good people.

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Character Development Questions #3 


  1. How does/would your character react to unwanted sexual advances?
  2. Which does your character value more: loyalty or morality?
  3. Is your character religious? If so, do they follow the (or one of the) major religion(s) of their culture, or a different one? If not, are they more of an atheist, agnostic, or spiritualist (or none of the above)?
  4. Does your character believe in ghosts? (Also, do ghosts actually exist in their world?)
  5. Your character believes something that is at odds with what the rest of their family and/or friends believe. Do they talk about it with them?  If so, how do they approach the subject?
  6. What do you think is your character’s best and worst trait? What do they think is their best and worst trait?
  7. Is your character the type of person to correct someone’s grammar when they’re speaking? Conversely, how would they react to someone correcting their improper grammar?
  8. How does your character feel about the concept of virginity? How does their culture feel about it?
  9. Does your character prefer living alone, or with family, friends/roommates, significant other(s), etc.?
  10. Your character is handed a Rubik’s Cube. Do they try to solve it?  Can they? If so, how quickly?
  11. Just for Fun: Your character just got tickets to their favorite comic/anime/etc. convention! Who do they cosplay?



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Husband takes costume brawl daily seriously.

Daily reminder that this is who I am married to.

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Are you sure about that, Strongpaw

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